Colorism: My experience of the topics that I am most passionate about.

Growing up as a dark skinned female, I noticed that things were different for us. Why was we looked down on? Why was we mocked for our features? Why are we always labelled negatively in the media? 

As we were treated like dirt, light skinned blacks were treated like royalty. People would assume that we’re jealous and would want to be like them. But the truth is we don’t.we love our chocolate complexion, our big lips, our wide noses and our huge butts.

One of the other things that is affected by colorism is relationships. Nowadays all the guys (even black guys,all shades) wants girls that are light-skinned so they can have “beautiful” babies.

My types of guys that I like are mixed-raced and black boys, of all shades. In 2013/2014, (when I was 14/15) I liked a guy. Shortly after it became an on and off situationship on and off for  a couple of years.

Long story short, the one thing that made me realise that he weren’t shit was that he didn’t like black girls, he looked down them as if they weren’t human.I was completely blinded by this, I didn’t want to believe it, until he said that to my face. I was hurt and angry for a long period of time.especially when I already had a low self-esteem due to the way I looked and how dark I was.

Since then I started a self journey of loving myself, my nappy hair,big lips, wide nose and most importantly. My dark chocolate complexion.

Social media helped me to relate with other dark skinned girls who has the same insecurities as me through a hashtag called #growingupdarkskinned. Throughout this hashtag that trended on Twitter, it helped me to see how other girls and boys felt while they were growing up dark skinned.

Another popular social media platform is instagram, that’s were I discovered care-free black girls who were also dark skinned.

A few of the girls I discovered was:


Winnie harlow:




Olori Swank:


chanel allure:

And purpalca:

These girls made me realise that having such a complexion is a blessing and by accepting who you are and by being carefree and loving yourself it will uplift you positively as a person and as a human being.

I hope from this post you would understand why am I so passionate about colorism and how much it affects black girls.

And just know that your melanin will always be poppin and on fleek. :)🍫👑

– hadjeleyzacabi 

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