Future Plans

Can you believe i’m turning 18 in just 3 months. 

Most people would go with the flow and that’s perfectly okay to do that. But I would prefer to have a rough plan for my future.

Now – 19:

I’ve finished my first year of sixth form so i will be starting my second year in september. Throughout the second year, really I need to be anti-social and buckle down so I can be signed off as quickly as possible. As well this I will also be looking for a job and applying for uni and apprenticeships.As I would like to do an apprenticeship, the sector that I will want to go in is digital marketing and social media.

19 – 24:

These would be the years I plan to work the hardest. By doing what I love it won’t seem like a job to me. Digital marketing(the creative side i.e social media), photography, film, possibly being a brand ambassador for an company or brand that I love. Lord, the twenties will for sure be the best years of my life.

25 – 29: 

I’ll still be working through my late twenties but possibly I’ll start dating. This would mainly because I’ll be literally be too busy to date through my early twenties (lol) so hopefully I’ll find someone who likes me the way I am.

Thirties and basically the rest of my life: 

Babieeeeeesssssss(4 kids at the most), raising them to be beautiful, smart and carefree black queens and kings and chilllllinnn with my future husband knowing that him and I are good financially, mentally, and spiritually.

– hadjeleyzacabi

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