Police Brutality

​(SIDE NOTE: Just to let you know that police brutality is a worldwide issue not an issue that affects certain countries so just because I’m from the UK doesn’t mean that I can’t speak on it.)

Sandra Bland 

Avon Sterling

Philando Castile 

Freddie Gray

Tamir Rice

Mark Duggan 

Michael Brown

Korryn Gaines

And the list does really go on. 

I don’t know if it’s the thrill and the excitement of having a gun in their pockets that excites the police officers,the fact that they have an authority of when it comes to arresting people or even that when the officers commit a crime themselves, they think that it can be justified saying that “he or she had a weapon on her side” or “he or she disobeyed my order” or by even saying ” I told the person not to move and they did.” 

THAT itself is no excuse to kill a innocent life. Every time I hear that an innocent BLACK(as statistics prove there’s actually not a lot of black men left in the US) person has been killed by the police it angers me so much some people don’t actually understand. And the fact that people on social media can gather real evidence and investigate better than the police is disgraceful because the officers fear that they will get caught so they lie and manipulate their way out. 

People who still say:

“It should be #alllivesmatter”

“Everyone gets killed, not only black people”

They are most you should likely avoid as they would be the same type of people who appropriates other cultures(in relation to another topic a blog post on cultural appropriation will soon come)

I chose this image to be the featured image for this blog post because it speaks the truth.

How can a police officer sleep at night knowing that they killed an innocent person?

Every time somebody becomes a victim of police brutality,it becomes a hastag or trending topic on social media for a good month.

One of the people who became victim of police brutality who truly the whole nation was pissed and horrified by was Sandra Bland.

She asked the police officer 40 times why. 


And when her infamous mugshots got released, she was actually dead as (again from people on social media knows better and how mugshots should really be taken) the mugshot that was released on social media was the Photoshop version and the original copy of the mugshot got released.

This proved how sick and twisted the police really were.

You would think that from this point it would drastically stop for the better. But for whatever reason(maybe they envy the fact that ALL black people: transgender, disabled, gay,lesbian,poor,rich and many more are winning) the statistics of black people being killed by the police are increasing rapidly.
As a black female and seeing how each month are going by and a black person becomes a hashtag for the wrong reason they should be lucky that we want PEACE not revenge hence why there’s been peaceful protests for blacklivesmatter and fighting back peacefully because we know that by retaliating with violence will not work.

Just by looking at these images just let them sink in for a moment.

As people say that a picture explains a thousand words, for people who say that all lives matter don’t these images explain the reason why black lives matter? The reason why police brutality must stop?

Please. All the black community want is peace. Not racist violence. Not be killed by the police because they’re threatened by our excellence.

I hope that by reading this post, you would showing understanding and respect for blacklivesmatter and the black community.


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