Cultural appropriation

(Side note: I got a new phone thank lord👐 So I can go back to blogging)

There has been a lot of this happening and people still don’t know what it is and how it affects other cultures. 


cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture as a largely negative phenomenon..

Cultural appropriation. Using another culture as a fashion statement. That is cultural appropriation. You may see it exploring and trying out new things. But to us it’s serious, especially when people of colour are going through serious issues. Which is when the people who love exploring and trying out different cultures become silent and pretend that nothing is happening.

Obviously when someone does it we’re gonna call them out for it. You use it for fashion but you know no history behind. You just like because it looks cool. 

I’m black and dark-skinned. Which automatically means to the ignorant ones at the back that I’m ugly,loud,ghetto, and poor. The amount of times either I or another dark skinned girl has been laughed at because of our noses, our lips, our hair, our big butts and the way the skin is. And now you see the same people who laughed at us are getting lip-fillers,butt implants, extensions, and getting their skin tanned for the summer because they think that being dark is a “trend” or “it looks cool”.

The article above is one of biggest reasons why we defend our culture and why whenever someone appropriates our culture we get defensive. Don’t use as costume or to make a fashion statement out of it without knowing anything behind it.

Zendaya gets insulted for wearing dreadlocks saying that she looks like she smells of weed whereas Kylie, Kendall And Gigi gets loads of compliments and praise for it. But when it comes to the real issues at hand. They get silent and are nowhere to be seen.

This topic isn’t even just about black culture. It about all cultures in general.

Japanese culture:

Asian culture:

Native American culture:

And even the culture in the middle east: 

It’s offensive especially when you know nothing about it and you wanna have a try just because it looks “cool”. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can be a culprit to this not just white people. I’m half French, half Ivorian and quarter Senegalese so say for example if I decided to wear a headress that belongs to the native Indian culture because it looked, I would be appropriating their culture so before anyone asks yes anyone can be culprit to it. 

Recently Marc Jacobs called this out and said that he doesn’t see colour or race, he only sees people because of the controversy of Kendall Jenner and Gigi wearing dreadlocks to a fashion show. 

Does he realise that the same hairstyle that is becoming a trend is the same hairstyle that is going to banned in workplaces..?

He says to her over it but when we have dreadlocks apparently we don’t wash or smell like weed. Same with conrows. We’re ghetto and trashy for having it but to everyone it’s urban and is now called boxer braids( for what reason?!!!!?!! What a stupid area name to call it)

When you appropriate our culture, it means that you love our culture but you don’t love us as people. Recently innocent black men and women being killed by the police(thank God the police officer who shot Terrence is being charged guilty for manslaughter) you don’t even use your power to raise awareness because it doesn’t apply to you. 

If you don’t care about us black people, people of colour or don’t treat us equally or as human beings , don’t touch, look or fuck with our culture just for fashion.

Thank you.


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