My life at the moment

At the moment…

Honestly it’s in an weird space, I’m excited cos I’m gonna be 18 in two weeks and looking forward to be independent and do things for myself but at the same I just want to be happy and content with myself.

The reason I’m in a weird space is because emotionally I’m still getting over things that really hurt me(such as my first heartbreak, but I’m not going into detail about that) and I’m learning to let go of the hurt, pain and the negative people from my past and to start becoming a better person for myself and not for anyone else.

The reason that I started blogging was to show my creative side, and it’s looks fun tbh😂.

In life I feel the most important thing is to be happy. Even though it has been a bit hard to be happy (as people always wanna try me for no reason😒) I really do try and erase the negative people and comments from my life. 

Recently I downloaded a meditation app called Headspace(available for iOS and Android) to help me be focused on the calmer and peaceful side of life.(however after finishing your ten meditation sessions you would have to subscribe either monthly or yearly so if you don’t want to do that, there’s also other alternatives which are really good)

Honestly I just wanna be so successful and prove everyone wrong(as i’m truly underestimated and looked down by everyone) because success is really the best revenge.

At the moment with school, it’s actually going well but at the same time, I’m stressed the hell out. I just hope that the first deadline(which is October 7th, the day after my birthday lol) I will definitely start making a plan and organize it between school and blogging.

For anyone who is starting to better themself or is going through a rough patch in their life, just know it will be okay and something good will come out in the end✊


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