Open letter.

Dear dear dear. You have a great group of friends and they all love you because of your free spirit and bubbly personality and really you always have a sun shining over you each day. But for the past few months, there’s been dark clouds, lightning and even hailstones at times that’s been hanging over […]

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Short post.

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Chapter 18.

YES THAT’S RIGHT IT IS THE BIRTHDAY OF ME, MYSELF AND I.🎂🌻🎉 it’s actually a shock to me that i’m 18.(and i’m actually an adult too lol) I have so many things that I wanna accomplish at this age. Some of the things  I want to accomplish is to get a freaking part-time job for […]

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It’s finally October🎉

IT’S FINALLY OCTOBER! It’s officially Autumn. The leaves turn golden brown. Libra season is on.♎♎♎ BIRTHDAY MONTH (the 6th🎉) Halloween. OVO Season(Drake bout be 30😭) And it’s basically the best month of the year. Praying that Chapter 18 (yeah I’m only 17) of my life. I hope that this month brings me lots of blessings, […]

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