Chapter 18.



it’s actually a shock to me that i’m 18.(and i’m actually an adult too lol) I have so many things that I wanna accomplish at this age.

Some of the things  I want to accomplish is to get a freaking part-time job for real ( hopefully a flexible oneπŸ˜’)another thing I want to accomplish in chapter 18 is to start my photography and building up my online portfolio because I love photography.

I have many more things to complete and to accomplish as well. 

One of the biggest changes I hope to make is to change my temper, I tend to snap quick as people love to test me for no reasonπŸ™‚ 

Or I hold it in and let it out to the wrong person or people. With that I’m going to do a mini meditation sesssion each day to start the day on a positive note and listen to relaxing and chilled music more often than club and hip hop bangers in the early morning lol.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

Something else that I wanted to start doing is using lots and lots of skincare products. Literally my skin is always breaking out even when it is looked afterπŸ‘ŽI’m going to do some research to see what’s skincare are the best and start a skincare routine.

I know that chapter 18 will be a very good one for me, as long as I steer clear of the drama and pettiness i know for sure that chapter 18 and my life in general will be good. 


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