Open letter.

Dear dear dear.

You have a great group of friends and they all love you because of your free spirit and bubbly personality and really you always have a sun shining over you each day. But for the past few months, there’s been dark clouds, lightning and even hailstones at times that’s been hanging over you. You are most likely going through an emotional rollercoaster which is affecting you mentally and spiritually.

At that point of when it first happened, the only thing you’ve been told was to “let it go” but you didn’t listen did you? You wanted to prove everyone wrong. That is was going to work. But it didn’t; it backfired a whole lot.

He stringed you along, emotionally manipulated you, took your kindness for weakness and gave you false hope and because of you putting in your effort at your fullest and giving it all to you to get nothing in return is heartbreaking, it ended up becoming one sided and him coming in and out of your life.

You may be saying to yourself that you’ve given on life and love and that you will never get over what he did to you and that may be true but the hard truth is that you’ll be in denial at first, then you’ll be angry and then you’ll be sad about it. Right now you’re transitioning from the “angry stage” to “being sad about it” stage and it’s taking such a long time because you can’t help but to be petty on Instagram or social media in general, mainly becside you’re pissed and you just want to vent but in a funny way. I know, I know it’s sad but the fact that you’re not the type to fall in love and follow after the cliché love stories. I know that you haven’t gothen over him and it yet but trust me you will over it one day and it will be when you least expect it.

Moving on from the fuckboy chapter, your self – esteem. Girl. You are beautiful in your deep, rich melanin, you 4b/4c kinky curly hair, wide nose and your round/oval face; the people who are hating on you, literally just brush them off, because when you start achieving your goals, that’s when they will want to congratulate you,but you won’t say thank you. Because it’s rude and it’s fake too. Which is the same as people looking down on you and them underestimating you too(which both of those things has happened to you throughout your life unfortunately) everyone has or is underestimating you and either at one point or currently someone is looking down on you purely because you are being yourself. And because of all of this, it’s also making you doubt yourself and it starts to play with your self esteem too. The only thing I have to say about that is……..let them,because it’s on them not you,just continue being yourself, because you know what you’re doing and how you’re gonna get there.

For the next few years you are the priority.Yes you. Recently you’ve set up a photography page and started blogging and you’re staring to become more productive especially you’re in sith form and with your coursework too.

From now on just love for yourself. Since you’re being looked down and being underestimated; when you make it and become successful in the future, you can make a big comeback to those who laughed at you, hurt you and those who made you feel weak.

For your social media accounts, keep using it to showcase and uplift black people of all shades and keep using it as a platform to show the world who you are.

From reading this letter I hope that you realise that you are one of a kind and you will be successful. Just focus on yourself and keep taking care of yourself too.


4 thoughts on “Open letter.

  1. I love this. I loved how you formatted it to tell yourself that you can do anything to put your mind to it. I know you are going to look back at this letter in a few months and be like “wow, I was really feeling that” , or “wow girl you are the shit you really have grown”. You are so bomb for writing this and accepting the flaws of yourself. Not many people like to point out their flaws and work on how to accept them or work aside them. Thank you for giving a perspective on your life.

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