The colored Girl Campaign: Appreciation Post

You might of seen from my last post explaining about colorism and there was an image of a group of black girls of all shades and skin tones.

SIDE NOTE: if you haven’t read my post about colorism click on the link below to read it:

Colorism:my experience


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The colored girl campaign was made by two inspiring women called Victory and Tori. From this campaign it was made to uplift women of all shades and skin tones, to empower black women and to let them know that regardless of their skin tone, you are beautiful and you should be confident in your rich melanin. Another one of their aims is to break the stereotypes of skin tones and to show that they re equally beautiful.

One of the girls that stood out to me was a girl called Khoudia (mostly known as melaniin goddess on social media.She stood out to me cos I’m darkskinned too and I can relate to what she went through as well.

I love this campaign and as now colorism is being discussed more in the media, this is the perfect time to launch a campaign and a movement too. From launching this campaign, it’s giving black women and young black girls a voice. A voice to opinionated ourselves, for us to be heard, and to say that we’re beautiful and that we  should be comfortable in our skin without negative judgement and ignorant comments.

For the colored girl campaign, I appreciate Tori and Victory for launching the colored girl campaign because now everyone can have an understanding of what colorism and how it affects black girls from a young age.

A special thanks to Tori and Victory from me for launching this campaign and to continue on your success with it and thank you to Khoudia for being an inspiration of girls of a darker skin tone.


7 thoughts on “The colored Girl Campaign: Appreciation Post

  1. I think colorism will never go away and us as black people have to fault ourselves. We are doing Willie Lynch’s job for him. I talked about this on my blog as well, if you wouldn’t mind you can check it out here and give your opinion..
    This is the first post…

    And this is the 2nd one.

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  2. Thank you for writing this blog post because I had no idea about this campaign. You just gave me something to look into. This campaign is amazing because it is true that the beauty of melanin women and dark skin women don’t get seen as beautiful. They are amazing for this work.


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