Because it’s now November 

Can you believe it’s already November, christmas is next month and we’re almost at the end of 2016. Shit times goes by so fast. 

You should all make the most out of the this month. As a creative, I have so many ideas to create and to share with you guys but at the same time being a full time student it’s also stressful and sometimes overwhelming.


Starting from this month, I’m going to start on a journey of taking care of myself, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By doing this I’ve recently been listening to meditation apps (such as headspace which is the perfect app for you if you if you’re stressed or struggling to cope with anxiety) since I’ve downloaded headspace, my mental state has been so much better and more collected than before. What’s also part of my self – care routine is:

  1. One day of the week, I will use it as a day to myself.
  2. Letting go and blocking negative energy that is coming my way.
  3. Keeping a journal of my inner thoughts and creative ideas.
  4. Trying something new each day or each week.

By following these four key points, I feel that my journey of self-care will change me for the better. 


With this blog I’m still getting used to the concept of blogging. I’m using this blog as a platform to show myself out and to use it for personal reasons, at the moment, I don’t want to use it as a career plan. But to make more ideas and to share more content with you guys, the three ways I desire to do this is by:

  1. Having a consistent schedule.
  2. Creating new ideas in for different topics.
  3. Start networking with other bloggers that have similar content to mine.

I reckon that the three point will help gain more readers to the blog and will start to join communities with similar bloggers to me.

School/sixth form:

If you know me, you would know that i am very disorganised. even if I tried to organise myself, it always backfires on me. So another three points that I made in order to be less stressed in school. The three points that I made for school was:

  1. Prioritise tasks and coursework to complete.
  2. Use a calender to organise myself.
  3. If there’s upcoming events for the industry that I desire to be or new opportunities to take, I will accept so that I open to new things in life. 

Hopefully from these points and what I set for myself to do for this month will carry on and will help me for the better in the future as from the open letter that I wrote 

(Click the link below to read it if you haven’t read it)

Open letter:

To anyone who’s on a self -care jourkey or who can relate to what I was explaining throughout this post, I hope that lots of positive energy  and blessings comes your way. 


3 thoughts on “Because it’s now November 

  1. I love who you have set goals for yourself. This is a step forward for a great month. It is so weird how the year is almost over. Time really fly by. Self care is very important and I love how you found a way to self care by downloading an app. Blogging is actually an amazing way to reflect on your growth and mistakes and also to commit to things because you have others reading and watching. For organization , get a plan. In high school , I used a plain notebook to write down things I had to do, but then sophomore year my mentor bought me a REAL planner and I feel in love. I can’t go a day without checking it and writing everything I have to do or have done. Planners tend to be pricey but its worth it. I wish you the best of luck on the commitments you have made. I know you are capable of them 🙂

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