Why am I taking a break from Instagram?

Yesterday I went onto Instagram to announce that i’m taking a break from it. Even though the post that I uploaded basically explains the reasons why I’m taking a break from it.

As I’m in sixth form and in my final year too, it has become way too distracting for me. And recently there has been way too much negativity coming my way which affects my mood for the whole day and it will also make me lash out at the wrong people. Everyone around used Instagram to show themselves out, show off their new shoes,new jewellery, new watch and to make themselves think that they’re above everyone and personally I think that’s wack. The fact that you have to take selfies be considered “buff” or that people think thats the amount of followers you have defines you as a person is sad, especially in this generation. 
Another reason in which why I’m taking a break from Instagram is because of how there’s always drama coming at me for no reason at all. Don’t get me wrong, I use Instagram for showcasing carefree black girls that I look up to and to share my blog too; but however a few weeks ago, I ruined the format of my feed to be petty and immature too by embarrassing them for filith. I hope that from this break, that I can deep why I made my Instagram as ‘blvckiscarefree’, and what was the purpose of my Instagram. even though when I receive hate comments or direct messages, I just block the user, it has actually come to the point where I need some space and take a step back from seeing ignorant comments. 

From this break I hope that it gives me time away from the distractions and for me to be productive.


4 thoughts on “Why am I taking a break from Instagram?

  1. I’ve done it many many times now. Social media is amazing. But it’s also the devil. We spend our worst days comparing our negatives to someone else’s photoshopped perfection. Take the break you need and come back even more magical than before 😘😘

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