#SpotifySaturdays DRAKE DRAKE DRAKE. 

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN✨✨ This week’s playlist is focused on the one and only, Aubrey Drake Graham. From his So Far Gone Era right until his views and upcoming More life era.To check out the playlist, click on the picture above and it will send you directly to the playlist. Advertisements

Oh December, it’s really December

It really is December, the last month of 2016, it feels like it was January yesterday.So much sh*t has happened this year, so to look back on it….Kylie Jenner was actually right of saying that this year is about realising.  2016 has surprised me. This year I’ve learned to forgive and Ive tried new things…… Continue reading Oh December, it’s really December


Recently I’ve planning on creating something for everyone to speak up and share their stories; basically a judgment-free platform for specifically dark skinned girls and that’s when I came up with the name of #Beautyofdarkgirls. Beautyofdarkgirls is an online community and an upcoming movement (created by yours truly) That uplifts dark skinned women(including WOC- Women…… Continue reading #BeautyOfDarkGirls