Recently I’ve planning on creating something for everyone to speak up and share their stories; basically a judgment-free platform for specifically dark skinned girls and that’s when I came up with the name of #Beautyofdarkgirls.

Beautyofdarkgirls is an online community and an upcoming movement (created by yours truly) That uplifts dark skinned women(including WOC- Women Of Colour)from this community as I’ve seen dark skinned women always getting slandered in the media, and from being slandered myself because of my skin time, I had to do something.


The purpose of this is for dark skinned women to have a judgment free platform where they can share their stories and experiences of growing up with a darker skin tone and always being compared to others (especially girls with the lighter skin tones). 

What I hope to do:

From Beauty of dark girls, I hope to bring us together and for us to realise that we are beautiful and are blessed to have been covered in melanin, and seek bright futures ahead of us.

Social media:

Twitter –@bofdarkgirls

Instagram – @BeautyofDarkGirls 


– Hadjeleyzacabi 


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