Oh December, it’s really December

It really is December, the last month of 2016, it feels like it was January yesterday.So much sh*t has happened this year, so to look back on it….Kylie Jenner was actually right of saying that this year is about realising. 

2016 has surprised me. This year I’ve learned to forgive and Ive tried new things such as blogging for example(LOL) and I learned that I love creating and sharing content. I never thought that I would learn to forgive cos usually if someone hurts me, I would hold grudges for a really long time. but with the advice form friends and family,there shouldn’t be so much hate in your heart and holding it in everywhere you go. 

My 2016:

2016 for me,has been a rollocoaster but the good things that I have picked up was that I’ve become more aware into what’s really going on the world and not being blinded or distracted from it.

I’ve been opening up more, I was actually surprised with the fact that I started blogging and it’s getting views,I started this to show more of me and as well as that I’ve made a photography page as well. Really I’ve been starting to make small moves this year and moving into 2017, I pray and hope that I will ha e more blessings coming my way.

Social media:

2016 on social media has been epic especially with #blacktwitter, memes, challenges and just coming together as a whole.

With the numbers of innocent black people being killed. we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do something about it. Peaceful protests, raising awareness, screaming at the top of our lungs that black lives matter.

So moving onto 2017, the movement of black lives matter will for sure make more moves than ever.

So in a nutshell:

For black girls 2016 was our year, many accomplishments was made, from Simone being the first black girl to win gold in swimming at the Olympics, and more black businesses coming on the rise, we can really look back and say that for black girls this was our year and for black boys we’ve got your back✊. 

– hadjeleyzacabi 


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