Open letter for 2017

At this point of reading through this letter you might think that half of what I’m talking about is pure BS.

Following on from last year, it’s honestly been eventful, but near the end you’ve made changes. From starting BODG and attempting to seek closure from your past, 2016 has been quite the year to talk about. One of the biggest lessons in 2016 was that I’ve learned was to forgive and let go. Even though it was so hard;in the end it will do you good and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Moving on to 2017, you hope to stunt on the people that has underestimated You, looked down on you or even frowned upon you. But more importantly, you hope  to grow and excel in everything that you’re doing. An example of something that you want to excel in is your grades and your education. At the moment you’ve been very stressed out. Deadlines grabbing you by your neck and throwing you everywhere, deciding which tasks to complete but you can’t decide because of close the deadlines each of them are.

On a lighter note you want BODG to grow and become popular especially as you’re from London and colorism is an worldwide issue and you’ve experienced it yourself.

But your long life dream may be coming true.Being a photographer, having a career in the creative media industry, filming,producing, directing, editing too. You’ve created a photography page to show your work and seeing how it goes.

This letter may be short, but for 2017. Be you. And stay lowkey and quiet about your goals. And when completed, you may give yourself a round of applause.

 – hadjeleyzacabi 


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