Just a bit stressed and overwhelmed….

You may of actually been wondering , “Why hasn’t hadjj  posted as often as before?”, or “What happened to that blvckiscarefree blog?” as before I would post regularly and I had a schedule as too. As welll as creating blog content, I’m also a full time student which means exams to revise For, deadlines to meet and coursework to complete too.

Im not making excuses for the lack of content I’ve been sharing recently, but all I’m asking is for you guys to bare with me as from now I will post twice as week(so that it will keep you guys coming back for more) and speaking about my blog, I haven’t really gotten the chance to say thank you to the amount of love you’ve shown to it last year.

Honestly when I started it, it was only for my personal use. So the fact that people would actually dm me on my social media and tell me that they love what I share is so amazing. I’m so shocked and surprised as to how many people would read it and has visited it and other bloggers would take their time to comment and like under it as well. As well as BODG, my photography page, and my blog too. The  content I create shall be shown with more love throughout 2017. 

– hadjeleyzacabi 

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