Why and how self care is becoming popular. 

When young teenagers(and young adults too) browse through social media and see what’s trending, possibly 98% of the Time, it will be followed and talked about for a long period of time. Even though I have breaks off social media, something positive( for a change!)has been trending for months, through different social platforms. 

What has been a positive influence on social media to especially people who suffer from depression,anxiety or people who have severe insecurities with themselves and they want to change their lives for the better is self care:Taking care of yourself before others.

What is self care?

I’m pretty know you all know what self care is but if you don’t I’ll explain it. 

By having a self care route or a day of self care, it means to spend time with yourself and achieving tasks to redeem yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Examples of taking care of your self would be to take one day out of the week (preferably Sunday) to make time yourself.People do this when they’re going through a rough patch in their life physically, mentally and spiritually. Examples of tasks that can be part of your self care routine can be:

  1. To meditate for at least 30 minutes. 
  2. No social media for at least 24 hours.

The point of you doing this would be to seethe difference about yourself to feel good about it too.

Self care is amazing and I’m so pleased it’s big, especially in today’s generation. There’s quite a lot of people that I follow on my social media that promotes self care and gives positive words of encouragement and advice too.


There’s someone that I follow on Twitter and Instagram that I am currently obsessed with at the moment. 

Alex Elle:

Alex Elle is legit amazing. She’s an author,blogger, creative director, loving wife and a mum too. She’s all for self care and she lives in the US. 

Through her social media she shares motivational quotes from her books and positive encouragement for self care and how taking care of ourselves can change our lives for the better.

She’s an author which means that she’s writes books based around meditation,mindfulness and positive thoughts. She also hosts self care sessions around the US which includes book signings, yoga practice, workshops and more.

For her social media follow her at:




(If you would like me to give you more people to follow around the topic of self care contact me through my social media which is on the about page.)


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