Stay strong Karruche 

Since the situation with Karruche filing an order of protection against Chris Brown has broke the internet,I’ve seen the comments being made about it and what I’m going to say about it is that I’m disgusted and that I’m so glad that she got a restraining order against a man who is unbelievably dangerous.

The fact that men and women are asking “why is it now she does, why didn’t do this before?” Why is he still stalking her in person and on social media; commenting under her photos, harassing her and still having her name in his mouth.

The fact that especially other women are laughing at her and saying that “she’s lying” and “she’s doing this for a come-up” is completely wrong. This is one of the biggest reasons that women don’t come forward about domestic abuse and filing a restraining order against an abusive ex.

Chris Brown is actually a disgusting and a toxic person. He has no respect for women,but somehow,he still has fans that defend him and his behaviour or is trying to be oblivious to what’s going on with him really.

Really when he attacked rihanna, that’s when his career should of stopped especially when there was proof shown to our faces and all over the internet and recently he posted a video saying that if you become his ex, he would make your life so miserable, like he said this from his own mouth yo! 

The people that I have so much sympathy for is Karruche and his daughter Royalty. 

Karruche was a ride or die girl for him; even he was playing her and rihanna against each other, when he had a baby on her;even when now she said that he was violent with her as well. She really loved him.

To Karruche,as a woman; stay strong and keep your head up high, continue with your acting and modelling career without looking back, surround yourself with people with positive energy and vibes and people who will motivate and encourage you to be the best strong black female you can be, and as for Royalty, it’s sad knowing that shes going to grow up and see that her father is a toxic person.

– hadjeleyzacabi 

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