Black creatives :2017 will be a start of the start of an exciting and never-ending era.

SIDENOTE: For America, I hope that your Black history month was lit as it always is.

Since the end of 2016, there as been more and more black creatives coming on the rise; whether it’s photographers, bloggers, youtubers ,Dj’s, MUA’s, stylists;you name it. the fact that we’re increasing so rapidly is amazing and I’ve never been so happy and proud of us especially as I’m a black creative myself in London, we’re supporting and uplifting each other as well.

Now that we’re moving onto the year of 2017 and we’re already making big moves, we should help each other out. If it’s help with setting up a YouTube channel, give them advice on having a YouTube channel and having a schedule of when it’s the best time for you to upload new videos. if it’s with your photography and you want to take it seriously, save up money to buy a new camera to start you off, set up a photography page to start showing off your work and move upwards from it. Also with blogging from when you set that up and you find your footsteps on what type of blogger you want to be then from that point you can start to network with other bloggers with similar interests to yours and start promoting it.

We’re all over the internet for being recognised for our hard work and being spent but there needs to be more recognition for us black creatives. 

From deciding what part of the creative industry you want to pursue a career in; go for it and take new opportunities by the hand as they come by so in 10 years time when you make it, you can look back and say.

“I made it” 

– hadjeleyzacabi 

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Stay strong Karruche


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