Open letter series; entry two

Honestly, if you would ask me what’s my worst emotion to feel. I would say fear. This would be because of how I view the meaning of fear, I see it as it’s the result of bulit-up anger, resentment from the past; pain and hurt that is being held inside and therefore has not been resolved. Disappointment and expectations being set too high and has not been reached and broken promises.

But yeah this would sound sad but I’m used to it. For years it would be a toxic cycle and that’s exactly what was happening for years until a couple years back when it would result in fear.

I need to stop fearing for the worst and start hoping for the best, stop setting limitations because of how much I fear of what’s going to happen, always expecting the worst and not expecting the best side of it.

On this journey of mindfulness, peace and self love and to have a healthy mind, body and soul and have a space which is surrounded by positive energy and good vibes.

For this year, I need to stop talking negatively about myself and upon myself. Consuming myself with negative thoughts, comments from what others have said about me on a daily basis. That needs to change. From this point forward, fear will be the last emotion I should feel. It will the last feeling that will come into  my head as well. 
– hadjeleyzacabi 

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