Mindfulness: creating a safe bubble

Hey guys I’m back with another post and this post will be about three words that are popular and positive too. Although there has been distressing events happening back to back, I hope that you guys are enjoying your 2017, and since the new year I’ve been living by three words to make sure that this year will be good to me and from this point forward, from these three words; it will help me grow and to strive to have a free & healthy mind, spirit and soul.

Although I’ve been attempting to live by the three words, the star word that I’ve been living by is mindfulness. By being mindful with yourself, you are able to focus on the present, zoning out everything and everyone else.

A safe bubble:

It sounds weird I know, but in order to protect yourself from toxic people and from toxic energy, get as far away from it as soon as possible so that it won’t touch your space and so that it won’t pop your safe bubble as well. Because by staying around and feeding into that type of energy, it will consume you for the worst, it will either pop your safe bubble or fill up your bubble with toxic and poison, and because you decided to stay around, it will harder to walk away from and to leave it for good.

What do you guys do to be mindful?

How you guys manage to protect your energy? Is it by meditating? Do you go on a morning run? Or is it by going to the gym? Yoga maybe? I hope that from reading my post that you understand more about protecting your energy and walking from the toxic and poison as quickly as possible.

– hadjeleyzacabi

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