How was your July?/ Plans for August?

Hey guys, it’s hadjeleyzacabi and I’m just writing to check up on you guys. July has come to an end and August has now arrived.

How was your July?

Now that summer is officially here, in the UK the weather has fallen since late July, it has really got us taking trips to mostly Instagram and Snapchat; via Twitter and maybe shortcuts through Tumblr or YouTube.

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I don’t know for other countries, but for the UK, summer seventeen has been put on hold for another 12 months. Anyways, back to this post. How was your July? Was it full of blessings, peace and positive energy? Or was it a month of lessons being learnt? If your July was a month of tribulations, just know that it will be a small setback in your life and you will come back even stronger than before. Or if your month of July was full of blessings, use them to your advantage and don’t brag/ boast about it. Ensure that you will always remain humble to yourself so that even more blessings will come your way.

Plans for August?

Now that august is here, what plans or targets do you have to achieve for this month? do you want to become a more mindful and calmer person? So by doing this you’re meditating more? Maybe if you’re a content creator and you’re lacking consistently, your plan might be to upload new content at least once a week to suit your schedule and to not let down people to watch/read your content?

One thing that I realised about myself is that I lack the skill of being organised and consistent (basically I am VERY lazy) so with this I’ve decided to make a running list of ideas on content that I want to share and when writing up the draft, I set myself a realistic goal of when I think I will get it done. By setting yourself goals or targets that are realistic, this means that you’re less likely to set yourself up for disappointment.

Another target that I have set for myself is that I plan to do mini workouts and mediation sessions each day. By doing this it will show really improvements with myself physically and mentally.

So for this month, despite the bad weather, let’s set targets for this month to achieve and to reflect from as well.

Credit: Giphy

– hadjeleyzacabi

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