Find your future 2017: networking event

Sidenote: this event was located in London and for people who are looking to pursue a career in media and entertainment.

On the 9th August (which was on a Wednesday) I went to an event called find your future. This event was hosted by BECTU – a trade union that works with freelancers and is was hosted at Westminster Kingsway college. Despite the fact that I came over an hour late (due to the bad weather and traffic which was such a shame as I missed the first Q&A session) I genuinely had a great time at the event. A lot companies showed up including the ones that I was familiar with: creative skillset, arch apprentices, creative pioneers and DIVA apprenticeships.

As well as those companies showing up to the event, other companies that was new to me showed up as well. For example I discovered more about BECTU, creative & cultural skills, independent cinema office, framestore and so much more. While there was a marketplace of employers promoting themsleves, at the same time there was workshops running and panel discussions (two out of three that I attended to) that was happening at the same time as well.

Panel discussions/ Q&A sessions that I attended to:

The first panel discussion that I attended was about apprenticeships and other alternative routes in theatre and live events. Although I don’t plan to go into theatre, they gave us a lot of advice of how to make a successful break into the industry. Slot of people attended to this panel discussion so it was a great turnout.

The second panel discussion that I attended to was about getting into film and TV which featured creative skillset and another company called Sara Putt associate’s. This panel discussion was by far the most popular especially as the theatre room was filled out. This panel was my favourite. They discussed a lot: starting from working freelance in media: explaining the benefits and the drawbacks of it and how to start off being freelance successfully. The panel discussion gave us a lot of insight of getting into film, production and television. Others who was on the panel was young creatives managed to start off in the right path; they gave us Thier background story and advice for us as well.

This panel discussion helped me a whole lot, they discussed the job roles in production that are discussed the least. At the end of the panel discussion; when questions were being answered, one of them that stood out to me was question about diversity. This was because as a black female creative I feel that now than ever the media should give everyone equal opportunities without judgement regardless of their ethnicity, colour, religious beliefs and sexuality as well.

If you or someone that you know is looking to start a career in the media and entertainment industry, comment down below on this post and I’ll be able to recommend some companies.


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