Hey everyone! This blog covers the topics of lifestyle and personal. My name is Hadjeley – which is pronounced as hajj-ja-lay. I started this blog back in June 2016 as something personal to myself but since then I have decided to make it into a lifestyle and cover topics and issues that are happening in today’s society.

Apart from blogging, I also have a movement called beauty of dark girls which is a judgement free platform for dark skinned girls that are able to share their stories and experiences of growing up dark skinned and a photography page where I share capturing the best moments.

To follow the other things that I’m doing, check me out on social media as well.


Twitter: blvckiscarefree
Instagram: blvckiscarefree
Snapchat: hadjjexoh
Tumblr: hadjeleyzacabi.tumblr.com

EMAIL: hadjeleyzacabii@gmail.com

Beauty Of Dark Girls:
Twitter: @bofdarkgirls
Instagram: @beautyofdarkgirls

Visuals Page:
Vsco: @hadjeleyzacabivisuals


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