At this point.

At this point, us black girls. We’re not angry. We’re not upset. We’re not furious. We’re just tired. Tired of not being listened to, tired of not being heard. Tired of being told to “just get over it.” Tired of “always using the race card” to include in any situation. Tired of being overlooked and…… Continue reading At this point.

Black men, do you really love us,black girls?

Men listen up. Especially black men. I know you see us, black girls, killing it for quite some time now. On social media, you guys would be so quick to comment on our posts with fire and heart eyes emojis. Being vocal about how we should be praised more often but outside of social media,…… Continue reading Black men, do you really love us,black girls?

I was the black girl…

From 2010 up until 2015… I was the black girl that was nervous about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I was the black girl that was always getting dragged for filth purely because of my skin tone. I was the black girl who always kept her thoughts in her head because she was scared of saying it…… Continue reading I was the black girl…

Black History Month: Every Month?

Can you believe it’s already October? and it’s also Black History Month in the UK? The time when black culture is celebrated at every corner. Reminiscing of the moments of the most famous black people in history. From Mary Seacole to Idris Elba, to Martin Luther King JR, to Naomi Campbell, to Sir Lenny Henry,…… Continue reading Black History Month: Every Month?

There’s been a huge number of black girls missing in America..

Over the weekend as always, I was looking and lurking on social media and I saw something that was trending out of nowhere. 64k girls are missing? Or lower? Some say 17? Some say 34? But what I’m concerned about is that why isn’t this breaking news on every news channel that there is? This

#BeautyOfDarkGirls Series Request?

From the first two series it was about how darkskinned are shown in the media and famous or successful darkskinned people that you appreciate and your reasons why. For the next series of BODG, this time around it’s going to be from your requests! This is because it’s been going well, you guys have shown…… Continue reading #BeautyOfDarkGirls Series Request?

“Not to sound racist, but I don’t like black girls.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase, over and over and over and over again; and the reason you’re most likely to receive 99.8% of the time is “I don’t know, I just don’t.” Just to keep you from wondering THIER actual reason why. 10 times out of 10, what they said was highkey racist and…… Continue reading “Not to sound racist, but I don’t like black girls.”