Open Letter Series Entry Five

You’re slowly getting there. Really you are, and I think that the biggest issue with yourself is that you don’t give yourself enough credit. Sometimes​ just take a pause and reflect on how far you’ve come with yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. Recently you’re on a social media break and so far you’ve been off…… Continue reading Open Letter Series Entry Five

Open letter series: entry four

What are you doing at the moment?Seriously?. You’ve always been complaining how you have no money. You’ve always been dreaming of how successful you wanna be in the future, owning multiple businesses of your interest, becoming a fly wife and mum with the most flyests kids in the world.  You still wanna have a career…… Continue reading Open letter series: entry four

Open letter series: entry three 

Can i ask you a quick question, I’m not trying to fight with you, I just to want to have an open and honest conversation with you. Really; what’s wrong with you, it’s not an insult, I’m just seriously concerned with you at the moment. You’ve been really quiet and distant from everyone, including from…… Continue reading Open letter series: entry three 

Open letter series; entry two

Honestly, if you would ask me what’s my worst emotion to feel. I would say fear. This would be because of how I view the meaning of fear, I see it as it’s the result of bulit-up anger, resentment from the past; pain and hurt that is being held inside and therefore has not been…… Continue reading Open letter series; entry two

Open letter series: entry one: the beginning 

This will be the beginning of what I’m going to do for this month of March. In the end it will be a sense of relief as I plan to be very transparent through the entries.I won’t reveal the name of the entries that will be uploaded and what they’re about as well just so…… Continue reading Open letter series: entry one: the beginning