How was your July?/ Plans for August?

Hey guys, it’s hadjeleyzacabi and I’m just writing to check up on you guys. July has come to an end and August has now arrived. How was your July? Now that summer is officially here, in the UK the weather has fallen since late July, it has really got us taking trips to mostly Instagram…… Continue reading How was your July?/ Plans for August?

Mindfulness: creating a safe bubble

Hey guys I’m back with another post and this post will be about three words that are popular and positive too. Although there has been distressing events happening back to back, I hope that you guys are enjoying your 2017, and since the new year I’ve been living by three words to make sure that…… Continue reading Mindfulness: creating a safe bubble

Breeny Lee: Appreciation Post

I’ve actually been wanting to write this post for a while but I was waiting for the right to share this post with you guys. Breeny Lee is someone that I follow on social media. She’s a fashion blogger, YouTuber and someone who I strongly look up to as well. In her YouTube channel, it’s…… Continue reading Breeny Lee: Appreciation Post

May, May, May

I think we can all agree that April has been the downfall month thus far. And that we all expect the month of May to be the ‘turnaround’ month. For most people during this momth, it’s usually the most intense month. Especially for students as it’s the start of exam season. Non-stop revision, exams that…… Continue reading May, May, May

April, I pray for you to be good to me.

We’re a couple of months away from the season of BBQ’s, beaches, festivals, vacations and new goals and opportunities to be made or completed. How was first quarter of the new year? Have you achieved anything? Or how far are you from completing your targets?  Now that we’re moving onto the second quarter of 2017…… Continue reading April, I pray for you to be good to me.

Black creatives :2017 will be a start of the start of an exciting and never-ending era.

SIDENOTE: For America, I hope that your Black history month was lit as it always is. Since the end of 2016, there as been more and more black creatives coming on the rise; whether it’s photographers, bloggers, youtubers ,Dj’s, MUA’s, stylists;you name it. the fact that we’re increasing so rapidly is amazing and I’ve never…… Continue reading Black creatives :2017 will be a start of the start of an exciting and never-ending era.

3 Great Ways to Reconnect With Yourself Through Self-Care: By Amber Janae 

This link will follow on to Amber Janae’ s blog post