Beauty Of Dark Girls: The Blog

Hi there, This post is a quick PSA. As well as I create content for my lifestyle blog, I have a second blog which is called Beauty of Dark Girls. If guys don’t know, I have an community called Beauty Of Dark Girls which battles Colourism and lets young dark skinned girls and women share

Consistency is a must.

Just imagine a new blogger creating their blog on blogger, they are the happiest bunny in the world right now. When they launch it and release their first post, your adrenaline goes through the roof. They check your blog daily for your stats. After a few days within a few weeks within a couple of…… Continue reading Consistency is a must.

Find your future 2017: networking event

Sidenote: this event was located in London and for people who are looking to pursue a career in media and entertainment. On the 9th August (which was on a Wednesday) I went to an event called find your future. This event was hosted by BECTU – a trade union that works with freelancers and is…… Continue reading Find your future 2017: networking event