Beauty Of Dark Girls: The Blog

Hi there, This post is a quick PSA. As well as I create content for my lifestyle blog, I have a second blog which is called Beauty of Dark Girls. If guys don’t know, I have an community called Beauty Of Dark Girls which battles Colourism and lets young dark skinned girls and women share

You’re almost there..

Here’s a piece of advice: It’s not the end of the world if you don’t achieve your targets or goals in a certain time. It’s okay if you’re not where you want to be in your life at the moment. Even if you have a busy life, please try to find time for yourself. If…… Continue reading You’re almost there..

Girl. There is more to life than just social media.

Hey guys, this post is gonna be different compared to what I usually post. This may turn into a long-winded rant so I apologise in advance. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. That’s basically our whole life. Without this, I actually don’t think that people can actually survive without it. Especially people who showcase their whole lives…… Continue reading Girl. There is more to life than just social media.

It’s Basically Christmas Eve.

IT’S NOVEMBER PEOPLE. WHICH MEANS FALL SEASON. WHICH ALSO MEANS IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. There are only two months left until 2018. Make the most of it. The negative energy and people that affected you last month. Let that go, don’t let that get inside your circle. I know you’ve heard this so many times but…… Continue reading It’s Basically Christmas Eve.

Black History Month: Every Month?

Can you believe it’s already October? and it’s also Black History Month in the UK? The time when black culture is celebrated at every corner. Reminiscing of the moments of the most famous black people in history. From Mary Seacole to Idris Elba, to Martin Luther King JR, to Naomi Campbell, to Sir Lenny Henry,…… Continue reading Black History Month: Every Month?

Photos from the photography page (hadjeleyzacabivisuals)

– hadjeleyzacabi Check out my previous post: Find your future 2017: networking event To see more of me, check out my social media: Twitter: blvckiscarefree Instagram: blvckiscarefree Snapchat: hadjjexoh Tumblr: TO CONNECT OR COLLAB: EMAIL: Join the movement of Beauty Of Dark Girls: Twitter: @bofdarkgirls Instagram: @beautyofdarkgirls Check out my visuals: Instagram: @hadjeleyzacabivisuals…… Continue reading Photos from the photography page (hadjeleyzacabivisuals)

May, May, May

I think we can all agree that April has been the downfall month thus far. And that we all expect the month of May to be the ‘turnaround’ month. For most people during this momth, it’s usually the most intense month. Especially for students as it’s the start of exam season. Non-stop revision, exams that…… Continue reading May, May, May